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date: 05.07.2020 name-day: Antoniego, Bartłomieja, Karoliny


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The Organisation List

published: 2011-09-08
  • The Mayor
    • Mayor’s Office
    • Department of Promotion and Development Department
    • Department of Infrastructure
    • Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Environmental Protection
    • Office of the Audit and Control
    • Team of Defense, Emergency Management and Protection of Classified Information
    • Office of the Chełm Spokesman of Consumers
    • Independent positions of legal advisers
  • The Mayor Deputy
    • Department of the Architecture and Construction
    • Department of Education, Culture, Sports and Social Affairs
    • Department of Geodesy, Cartography and Property Management
    • Department of Communications and Civil Affairs
  • The Secretary of the County
    • The Organizational Department
    • Department of Organizational and Economic faculty
  • The County Treasurer
    • The Financial Department