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Interregional Cooperation

published: 2011-09-09

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"Interregional cooperation of the district and the city of Chelm being an opportunity for tourism development of Chełm land as an attraction of the European Union eastern border "

Project value: 315 000 zł
The amount of ERDF funding: 220 500 zł
Beneficiary: Chełm County

Project description:

Chełm County in 2009-2010, will perform the tasks of the project "Interregional cooperation of the district and the city of Chelm being an opportunity for tourism development of Chełm land as an attraction of the European Union eastern border " under Action 7.3 Interregional cooperation , Category I Interregional Partnership Initiative RPO WL for 2007-2013 .

The leader of the project is the Chełm county, and the town partners are the town of Chelm and Trebiszów in Slovakia. The subject of the project is to support interregional cooperation of the district of Chelm and Chelm with Trebiszowem in the area of tourism. This will be done through participation in study visits and workshops as well as conferences with experts in the field of tourism development and strategic planning. Furthermore, the project attempts to work out a plan for tourism development and interregional cooperation, which will include, among others, a list of tourism products. Potential also lies in gaining visitors that are staying in Slovakia. For this purpose promotional measures will be taken : issuing information materials on tourist attractions in Chełm and Trebiszów, setting up a website that promotes inter-regional tourism products and campaigns carried out during the events of international importance. The conditions for tourism development and cooperation will be analyzed.

The project is carried out in partnership

At the moment there is no joint offer between Chełm and the county for tourists. Only joint efforts of local governments can affect the competitiveness of the tourism offer of the town and county. Implementing the project in partnership will make it possible to identify the tourist product , which will attract tourists both from Chełm and the county. This will occur in the town of Chełm and Chełm district since they offer many historical, cultural and natural attractions. Chelm has unique tourist attractions, including the historic old town and Chełm Chalk Underground. This is a jewel of the east of Lublin Voivodeship. Chełm County has unique flora and fauna habitats, nature monuments, such as oak Bolko in Hniszow or " area" of vanishing traditional professions in Pawłow with local products - pitchers, barrels, and sights in each municipality of the district. The cooperation with Slovak partners will be a valuable source of knowledge and contribute to the transfer of good practice.

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Objectives to achieve

The main objective of the project is to increase the tourism potential of the Chełm county. This project consists of indirect objectives. One of them is to raise the competitiveness of services related to tourism and international cooperation. For this purpose a study visit was organized in October 2009 , in which a group of twenty representatives of the county and the town of Chelm visited the city and county Trebiszów. During the organized conference representatives of local authorities, the tourism sector and entrepreneurs from the district of Chelm, whose activity is associated with the development of this industry, got familiar with activities that promote tourism in the south- eastern region of Slovakia. A presentation on the Tokaj Wine Route awoke particular interest. This is a showcare of the region and the local tourism industry. It attracts many tourists each year. The Slovaks used the advantage originating from the traditions and culture of cultivation and processing of grapes.The Polish delegation had an opportunity to learn innovative measures to support tourism development in Slovakia and exchange experiences.

On December, 2, 2009 a group of Slovaks from Trebiszów arrived with a study visit to Chelm to learn about the functioning of the tourism sector in the town and the county. They took part in the International Workshops devoted to the development of tourism and interregional cooperation. This took place on December, 3, 2009. In addition to delegations from Slovakia, representatives and experts of the tourism sector, such as folk artists, representatives of the vanishing professions, cultural animators, and people dealing with tourism information from Chelm and the district, took part in the delegations. The comparative analysis of tourism development conditions and cooperation was presented at the workshops. The conclusions of the discussion during the workshops and document analysis will be the starting point to work out the 2010 plan for tourism development and interregional cooperation between the county and the town of Chelm. This plan will contain a list of identified tourism products of the town and the county. With this knowledge it will be possible to promote a particular product and propose the tourists an integrated offer.

One of the stages of work connected with preparation of the tourism development plan was a consultation meeting held on March, 18, 2010. Consultations were open and people interested in issues of tourism and land development opportunities. Among others are Chełm representatives of local government, tourism, farm tourism, entrepreneurs, employees of municipal cultural centers and the inhabitants of Chełm land. The tourism potential of Chełm land was analyzed. Among the strengths of the Chełm land were the diversified range of tourist sights, places of cultural heritage, valuable natural areas and an extensive calendar of local events and appropriate conditions for active relaxation. The speakers also pointed out weaknesses, that included poor quality of accommodation and catering facilities, lack of a developed system of tourist information and signage in the county. The meeting participants also learned about the proposal of an integrated tourism product in Chełm land under the name "The Chalk-written Route - Around the Chełm Land Tourist Attractions." This pathway includes the most interesting places, monuments and objects that distinguish Chelm and the district, as well as represent their tourist potential. During the meeting the participants filled out questionnaires for the assessment of tourist attractiveness of Chełm land and took part in the discussion. Survey results, as well as suggestions and ideas that appeared during the discussion, will be an important element in working out of plan for tourism development.


The summary of the project and its closing ceremony was held on October, 22, 2010 at a conference organized in the County Office in Chełm. The Chalk-written Route - Around the Chełm Land Tourist Attractions, the key tourism product of the county and the town of Chełm, is a result of the annual cooperation of the County Office officials, the Town Hall of Chełm and the Slovaks from Trebiszów under the project.

After completing the following stages of the project and consultating with representatives from municipalities and experts on tourism and promotion, Written in Chalk Trail appeared. It connects attractions in the district and Chełm . Its route is set in three colours - red, green and blue. Routes are marked out so that tourists are able to know about the Chełm land attractions within three days. The start and finish points of each route are in Chelm. This enables one to schedule a few days visiting at a time. Each part of the route is characterized by a diversity of sights and attractions to visit. The trails lead by county, provincial and national roads and allow a part of the route to be done by bicycle, horse or canoe.

As part of the project, a website promoting the trail was constructed. It includes dynamic forms of multimedia: a virtual tour and a movie trailer, as well as a map of selected attractions and tourism infrastructure facilities. A multilingual tourist guide , presenting views of Trail written chalk, was issued. It also includes practical information on both the Chełm district and the town as well as Trebiszów . Tourist Attractions of Chełm land will also be promoted during major events organized by the Slovaks.

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In the long term the project will contribute to the induction of positive socio-economic impacts leading to improvement of the district attractiveness and increase in number of tourists , residents and their social activity, greater involvement in the process of improving of their skills and increase in local employment offer by growing number of jobs in industries connected with tourism .

Documents to download:

Comparative analysis of determinants of tourism development and interregional cooperation (pdf) >>

The Tokaj Wine Route (pdf) >>

Plan of tourism development and interregional cooperation of Chełm district and the town of Chełm.(pdf) >> 

The Chalk-written Route - Around the Chełm Land Tourist Attractions - map (pdf) >>

The Chalk-written Route - Around the Chełm Land Tourist Attractions – GUIDE (pdf) >>

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