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System Elements of Visual Identification of the County

published: 2011-09-08

There are four elements: a logo, an emblem, a flag and a seal constitute the visual identification of the Chełm county.

The following documents state their use:

- The Resolution of the Chełm County’s Council no. XVIII/141/09 from 24 th April 2009 in case of stating rules for the usage of the emblem, flag and seal.

- The Resolution of the Chełm County’s Council no . VI/41/07 from 28 th June 2007 stating a graphic sign of the Chełm county- the logo.

The emblem and logo can be used by County Authorities and administrative units of Chełm. In order to use these graphic signs by other subjects, the allowance of the County Administration is needed.


The emblem is an official element of the visual identification of the county. It was created by a teacher of history Dr Krzysztof Skupieński and received a positive opinion from the Heraldic Committee of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. The emblem refers to the historical emblem of the Chełm land. Certain features were given while designing the county emblem to distinguish it from the town version of Chełm. The emblem of the Chełm county presents a silver bear standing on a green field between three golden oaks. The flag corresponds to the traditional flag of the Chełm land. There is a picture of the emblem on a green piece.

The use of the emblem, flag and seal is reserved to special goals of the county promotion. The emblem is mainly located on buildings, in administrative rooms and meeting halls as well as official newspapers, files, envelopes, business cards and ID badges. It is also used on boards, border posts, banners of certain institutions and government units.

The flag can be located on buildings or in front of buildings which constitute the office of the Chełm county and the government administrative units because of holidays and state and local anniversaries. The flag can be also located in meeting rooms.


The logo of the county was selected in May 2007 in a competition. The winner was Kamil Zaleski from Lublin, a graduate of the Painting and Graphics Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, and an academic scholarship holder. The logo is a well-known sign put on various supplies as gadgets (pens, leashes, T-shirts, mugs etc.), brochures, leaflets and other objects associated with the promotion of the county. It is mainly the promotion of tourism, cultural events and parties which are organised and supported by the Chełm county.

The description of the logo:

- Storks and a green background in the upper part of the logo show that nature is a great and inseparable asset of the county. There are many beautiful places in the world, but not many of them are that clean and close to us. We should be proud of our region and show its beauty to others.

- The fact that the Chełm county is located on the Ukraine-Poland border makes the region so special. Colours used in the logo have got the following meaning: dark blue- symbolises the European Union, blue- symbolises Ukraine. The Chełm county is a bridge between the Eastern, Central and Western Europe. It is situated at a crucial route and the Eastern border of the European Union. Dark blue and blue colours are close to each other in the colour scheme which convey a message that the European Union, Ukraine and Poland have more similarities than differences. The lightness in moving is a typical feature of birds. Similar feelings should be evoked in people’s hearts while relocating in the Chełm county from one to the second part of Europe.

- There is an antiqua typeface used in the logo’s writing. It is a quite serious typeface which can be used in official documents. Words become lighter because of changing the size of each letter.

For further information, contact the Economic Development Department in the County Administration in Chełm.