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Town of Trebiszów - Slovakia

published: 2011-09-09

Interregional co-operation between the Chełm district and district town of Trebiszów (Slovakia)

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The Chelm district signed an agreement on interregional cooperation with Trebiszów on December 8, 2008.

This agreement is a continuation of co-operation initiated on July, 16, 2003, between the districts of Trebiszów and Chełm. Cooperation with the Trebiszów district was carried out in the field of education, culture, sport, agriculture, social and economic development and was continued until May 2005, i.e. until the public administration reform in Slovakia, including, among others liquidation of District Offices.

In April 2008 the district of Chelm applied to the Ambassador of Slovakia in Poland, asking for help to come into further partner contacts with Trebiszów district. The Ambassador, due to the liquidation of District Offices and leaving the county as an administrative unit, proposed to continue cooperation with the district town of Trebiszów.

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On December, 8 2008 a new contract with the town of Trebiszów was signed. The partnership agreement defined the cooperation:

- Development of tourism,
- Self-government,
- Education,
- Culture and Sport,
- Economic development.

On January 14, 2009 the parties agreed on directions and forms of cooperation in the coming years. Attention was paid to the implementation of specific projects using available European Union resources for this action. It was established that one of the key elements of collaboration will be on cooperation in the sphere of projects involving the preparation and implementation of a joint project of tourism development in both counties, filed for co-financing under the Regional Operational Programme of Lublin, Action 7.3 Interregional cooperation - "Interregional Cooperation of Chełm district and the town being a tourism development opportunity for Chełm land as attractions of the European Union eastern border."

Slovak partner offered to help in the implementation of the Project, and to express this a letter of intent for a partnership in the Project has been signed on January14, 2009. In this letter, the Slovak side has committed itself, among others to provide the necessary information about their town and county, assistance in organizing study tours in Slovakia, assistance in recruiting participants for study visits in Poland, provide expert assistance in the development of strategic materials in the field of tourism development and cooperation.


Read more about the project, "Interregional cooperation of the district and the town of Chełm being an opportunity for tourism development of Chełm land as an attraction of the European Union eastern border.”   >> 

Trebiszów - basic data

mapa Trebiszow.jpg

The Trebiszów town is the county headquarter. Located in south-eastern part of Slovakia in Koszyckie Voivodeship is a center of cultural and economic life for the county.
Population and population density:
- 22 342 people in the town, 357 persons per km2
- 103 779 people in the district, 97 persons per km2
Website of Trebiszów: www.trebisov.sk